Technologies Expertise

Control & Automation Companies has developed numerous custome process applications that have addressed challenging manufacturing opportunities.

These experiences has given us expertise in different manufacturing processes like:

Spray Coating Systems (Ultrasonic,    Precision Mist)

Balloon Processing (Blowing, Bumping,    Cutting, Bonding, Leak Testing

Surface Preparation System

RF Tip Molding

RF Sealing, Welding

Ultrasonic Welding

Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems

UV Curing and Gluing

Pad Printing

Leak Testing

Orbital Forming

Plastic Fusing

IR Fusing and Bonding

Plastic Tube Fusing

Plastic Tube Flaring

Plastic Tube Stretching

Plastic Tube Hole Punching

Plastic Tube Cutting

Plastic Tube Grinding

Plastic Tube Necking

Catheter Assembly Lines

Environmental Control Systems (RH, Temp.,    Oxigen)

Product Inspection Systems

Design Tools Update

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