What We Do?

Machine BuildingProducts and their manufacturing processes have become increasingly complex and expensive to design and build with fail safe process control. Due to this, many manufacturing processes end up being designed with inefficient, manual redundant controls to assure process outputs meet product specifications.

Since 1992, Control & Automation Companies has repeatedly provided value-added, integrated engineering solutions focused, on our customers need to meet business objectives while reducing and/or eliminating manual redundant process controls to assure product quality.

Control & Automation Companies comprises experienced busines and technology professionals with a wide range of industry expertise and a deep understanding of the positive impact that effective, integrated, engineering solutions can have in on an organization. By participating in the early customers' process development or process improvement sessions, to understand the opportunities, we then utilize our experienced team to design solutions to effectively and efficiently meet the process output objectives with low risk to the customer. We have gained a reputation of bing thorought, straightforward, and effective in providing this service and positioning our customers with a competitive advantage.

Control System Development We provide process development and equipment designs specializing in customized solutions for manufacturing. In addition to provide process design and development consulting, our engineering services include, but are not limited to: 3D Conceptual Design, Build and Assemble Drawings. Electrical and Pneumatic Schematics, Equipment/Process Fabrication, Factory Acceptance Testing, Equipment/Process Installation, and Site Acceptance testing.

No matter whether it is building a fully automated machine, automating or developing a complete process, improving existing process or manufacturing a simple bench top fixture, Control & Automation Companies has the capability to effectively meet the business objectives of the customer.

We have earned the confidence of leaders in the manufacturing of Medical Devices and Pharmaceutical Products as well as other kind of Industries.